Why STEM is the Perfect Marick Partner

To support clients that are in a STEM-related industry, like Marick Group does with the Federal Aviation Administration, you’ve gotta know a little about STEM, right? Our team can’t always get by on just our good looks!

Kidding aside, the reason Marick is so passionate about STEM is because we’re first and foremost a company that’s about technology, which is one of the four pillars of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math if you’re just tuning in for the first time). We’ve established ourselves as a trusted advisor in the worlds of talent management systems and business execution technologies. Our deep industry knowledge and the level of service and support that we deliver to our clients keeps them happy, and keeps us busy.

Since opening our doors in 2007, Marick has partnered with many great clients that are at the forefront of STEM-related fields – industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, nuclear energy, electric utilities, marine transportation, enterprise software, internet technology and global aerospace and defense.

So how does Marick support these clients who play a vital role in the STEM world? In lots of different ways. As a trusted advisor, we provide consulting services in areas like Performance Management, Learning Management and Change Management. Those services may include things like curriculum development or project management support. We can also implement new Learning Management Systems (LMS) for an organization, or integrate a client’s current technology systems to create a more effective solution. We also provide in-depth training, whether it be instructor-led or technology-based, and ongoing support for their technologies.

The expertise that Marick offers is made possible by our team of extremely talented individuals. They really know their stuff when it comes to the industries they work in, and the technology solutions that they implement. We are system engineers. Business analysts. Instructional designers. Program managers and communications experts. Above all, we’re problem solvers who put technology to work for the good of our clients and their operations. And we love every minute of it!

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