What is a Marick?

Two guys decided long ago that their way was the way to go. They had seen enough mediocrity in their world to decide that a little extra effort would go a long way. “Why not put our names on the front door?” Said nobody at Marick, ever.

As a virtual company there was no door, but they did need a name.

As they quickly found out there was no Greek god of e-learning that they could steal for a name plate, so more creative approaches were in order. Remember when Bell Atlantic became Verizon, and everyone was scratching their head asking “what is a Verizon?” It was a cool name with the Z and all, and it elicited something in the guys, but eventually they, along with everyone else who cared, realized a verizon is nothing! Nothing! But the brand was launched, and now that name is a regular part of our collective vocabulary. So… after many angst-filled conversations (who are we kidding, there was no angst), the two guys decided to name the company after themselves. Marc Starzyk and Rick Landsman became…..Marick. Mar + ick or Ma + Rick depending who you ask. What’s in a name anyway? Our hearts, minds and souls, that’s what.

Marick for life. #M4L. Feel free to use that hashtag.

And that’s the beginning of a really good story. Stay tuned….