What do you get when you cross SAP/SuccessFactors Foundation with LMS?

It sounds like the beginning of a joke but it’s no joke!  We support Federal Agencies and commercial clients who manage training in a standalone (meaning no BizX/Foundation front end) SAP/SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS).  Most of these customers were Plateau LMS users and have continued to follow the SuccessFactors upgrade process, but have not adopted any other SuccessFactors modules.  In some cases, they are waiting for the SAP NS2 FedRAMP Certification to be finalized, and in other cases, they have no immediate plans to adopt other SF modules, but want to make the most of the Learning Management System functions that are only available with the Foundation.  Click here to read more about FedRAMP.

Recently we have had inquiries from our customers about moving from an LMS-only module, to integrating with SAP/SuccessFactors Foundation (formerly BizX).   This post will hopefully answer any questions about what additional functions a Learning-only customer can expect when integrating with BizX.  For the purpose of this article, the terms BizX and Foundation will be used interchangeably.

  1. Theme Manager – Similar to the Branding and Images functions in the LMS, where an administrator can upload images and identify colors for the user interface.
  2.  Home Page – Home Page in Foundation is very similar to the User UI in a Learning-only environment, and can be configured to show only those tiles relevant to Learning.  However, if the customer implements additional modules, any user with access to those modules will have more tile options on that page.
  3. Employee Profile – Foundation Employee Profile picks up where the LMS User Record leaves off, allowing a seating chart to identify the physical location of employees, tags to promote social networking with coworkers, talent search and badges.
  4. People Search – Sometimes called “Action Search”, this allows users to search for users based on any keyword.
  5. Data Purge – Allows administrators to purge obsolete user data and inactive users from the system.  It allows administrators to create business rules to specify exceptions or dependencies, and to create an approval workflow for oversight over data purge requests.
  6. Interactive Organization Chart – Enhanced capabilities for searching and initiating actions from the organization chart.
  7. Online Report Designer (ORD) – A self-service reporting tool that allows customers to visualize their data in a formatted & presentation-ready report. Administrators can add calculated columns, create pivot tables and charts, and more.  NOTE:  ORD is very limited in its Learning functions, so most clients will still need Plateau Report Designer (PRD) or an external reporting solution for custom Learning reports.
  8. Jam – Delivers social collaboration to connect users with other users outside their own organization, as well as with partners and colleagues.  It’s basically Facebook and LinkedIn for SAP/SuccessFactors topics.  As a Partner we use Jam to connect with other partners, to get the latest on SAP Certification and Training, and to communicate with each other within Marick.
  9. Mobile (iPad,  iPhone and Android) mobile Offline – Arguably the BEST reason to integrate with BizX, since a Learning-only customer will not be able to use SAP/SuccessFactors mobile.  Users (but not administrators) can manage learning assignments and scheduled offerings, search the catalog, launch courses online and offline, and so much more.

Stay tuned for information on best practices and lessons learned while integrating SAP/SuccessFactors Learning with Foundation.

Is your organization planning on integrating Learning with Foundation?  We would be happy to answer any questions.  http://marickgroup.com/contact