Types of Employee Training Methods

I’m order to establish a happy yet productive crew environment, training managers have to provide the opportunity  for future training and growth. However with that being said , too many employees or management do not take the entire training process as seriously as they should . And if we are being completely honest, employee training can be boring, but this is only if you do not do it properly with the topic or issue you’re tackling. Make sure that the training the employees are receiving is suited to meet your standards in all areas. It may be tedious to train, but it is a necessary evil. In this article we will discuss the different types of way you can properly train. Below are the best forms of employee training methods for you to use:

  • Instructor-led training
  • eLearning
  • Simulation employee training
  • Hands-on training
  • Coaching or mentoring
  • Lectures
  • Group discussion and activities
  • Role-playing
  • Management-specific activities
  • Case studies or other required reading

Instructor-led training

Instructor-led training is the traditional type of employee training that is most commonly held in a classroom environment, with a teacher presenting the material. This method has proven to be highly effective with employee training, even in the more difficult parts of training.  Instructors know the answers when on site questions are presented. They also allow for highly-skilled instructors to match the training level and style to the employees in the room .However with that being said their are negatives as well, instructor-led training does have some drawbacks, including cost and time to implement.


eLearning, is different that in class learning, with eLearning it relies on online videos, tests, and courses to deliver employee training. Employees can do training off of any devices they have, it is easy access to training. It’s one of the easiest types of employee training to roll out to larger populations, especially for employees who are remote or have high-turnover rates. You can have a lot of fun with eLearning technology to make the training process seem fun! To the negative of eLearning, some of the software may be outdated and you will need to renew your apps and take the steps to ensure they are receiving updated training.

Simulation employee training

Simulation training is normally conducted on a computer, augmented, or virtual reality device. Despite the initial costs for producing that software or technology, however, simulation training can be a necessary option for employees in riskier or high-stakes fields. Normally in more hands on occupations such as. pilots or doctors, but it can be useful for other employees too.

This type of employee training is also highly-effective and reliable, allowing employees to excel at their very own speed of learning.

Hands-on training

Hands-on training includes any experiential training that’s focused on the individual needs of the employee. People learn in different ways, and this way is more for the visual hands on staff. It’s performed directly on the job. Hands-on training can help employees fit perfectly into their upcoming or current role, while enhancing their current skills. This is and can be a lengthy process of employee training, however, that’s best used when there are enough resources available to support employees during the program.


You have many options for training which are similar to group discussions, role-playing be specific and inquire to employees to work through one aspect of their jobs in a controlled scenario. They’ll be asked to consider different points-of-view and think on their feet as they work through the role-playing activity. Like other group activity, role-playing is highly effective , however you may not need this level of training in a more simple work environment. It also requires more employee time, potentially taking time away from an entire department while they’re going through the training.

Employee training again is a huge benefit to your company. If your employee is coming from another company but has conducted similar job performances, this does not mean that the method they have been taught will meet the expectations you personally have. Take the time to see if all the methods or just one would work better for you and your success, you will be pleased with the results.