The Top Benefits of Using an LMS

As the world today becomes increasingly more “online” businesses and institutions are keeping pace by making the switch to online training. This online training happens through what is called Learning Management Systems, or LMS. LMS are the foundation on which all online courses and training modules are built. In this post, we’ll discuss the top benefits to implementing a Learning Management System to design and deploy e-learning and training progams.

Top Learning Management Systems Benefits

Learning Management Systems are a vital part of the e-learning and online training design and development process. LMS are especially useful if you have a large user base, as well as a great deal of subject matter to teach. Use the following guide to see some of the top benefits to implement an LMS and whether a Learning Management System is right for your organization.

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Blackboard is one of the most widely known and used Learning Management Systems in the United States.

Organize All Content in One Location

One of the biggest benefits to implementing an LMS is organization. With an LMS, you’re able to centralize all your e-learning materials and training modules in one location. Data loss is reduced by centralizing all your material. Furthermore, every member of your organization can access the information through the cloud. Naturally, this makes Learning Management Systems a perfect fit for online collaboration.

Unlimited Access to E-Learning Materials

Once you have uploaded your course work and/or training modules onto an LMS and publish them, organization members will have unlimited access to the information they need. As we mentioned, as our world becomes more “online” those that are on the go, or work remotely, can access the e-learning materials via smartphones, tablets, laptops, or home computers. If your organization is spread throughout the country, and thus has employees in different time zones, this remote access capability is essential for organizational success and cohesiveness.

Easily Track Progress and Performance

The best Learning Management Systems give administrators and human resources managers the ability to track progress and performance of those using the LMS. For instance, HR managers can see if a learner is unable to successfully complete a scenario and thus provide supplemental resources through the LMS to improve their performance on said scenario. The majority of Learning Management Systems are equipped with reporting and analytics tools that also allow administrators to identify areas in which e-learners may be struggling, as well as where they are doing very well.

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Reduce Learning and Development Costs and Time

A Learning Management System eliminates the need for a dedicated instructor or trainer and costly printed learning materials. Users can conduct all of their training online, finding all the materials, supplemental resources, and more in one easy to access location. This benefit helps you save a sizable sum on your Learning and Development budget.

As the saying goes, “time is money.” A LMS can help reduce the amount of time it takes to train a new employee, or implement new processes across an organization. Once again, because all relevant information is accessible in one location, trainees can access whichever information and training modules they need, rather than sitting through a lecture/training session on processes at which they already excel.

Stay Current with Compliance

If your organization must stay up-to-date with current compliance regulations, then a Learning Management System can be an invaluable tool. Compliance laws change on a regular basis, and updating traditional coursework to reflect these changes can be a costly and time-consuming chore. However, when using an LMS, HR Managers are able to implement new compliance standards seamlessly into online training courses within a matter of minutes. As such, your organization members will always remain up-to-date on currently compliance standards.

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