The Latest on SAP NS2 and Safe Passage

As we discussed in an earlier post about FedRAMP, the fight to keep data protected is an ongoing one, and it’s something the U.S. Government takes seriously. Initiatives like FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) provide a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization and monitoring of cloud products and services that are used across federal government agencies. In a nutshell, FedRAMP’s purpose is to raise the standard for managing and protecting government data. And software vendors that want to have a relationship with the Federal Government must adhere to these security standards


For several years, Marick Group has partnered with SAP SuccessFactors to support learning initiatives with Federal agencies. The SAP arm that deals specifically with U.S. national security and critical infrastructure customers is SAP National Security Services (SAP NS2). NS2 is currently in the final stages of FedRAMP certification for its SAP SuccessFactors suite.  However, to speed up the rollout to Federal Civilian agencies, SAP NS2 is seeking a Federal Civilian sponsor for the Authorization to Operate (ATO).

Currently, NS2 has a Department of Defense (DoD) sponsor for an Impact Level-4 certification, but because it is part of the DoD, the review is very stringent and could take a long time. Identifying a Federal Civilian sponsor to obtain certification simultaneous to and independent of the DoD-sponsored review enables SAP NS2 to operationalize the Federal Node much sooner for Federal Civilian customers. The HCM SaaS Federal Node will operationalize the cloud in SAP-National Security Services (SAP hcmNS2). As part of the delivery model, a U.S.-based help desk will be provided. Moving to a Federal cloud will also enable an annual product release cycle.

SAP Safe Passage

SAP NS2 and SuccessFactors move through the FedRAMP certification process, they are also in midst of a Safe Passage initiative for their federal customers, related to migration from the Plateau LMS to cloud-based SAP SuccessFactors. Let’s look more closely at Safe Passage and why it’s important to SAP’s customers and our government clients.

As defined by SAP, the Safe Passage Initiative is a comprehensive, low-risk program that provides customers with a flexible and smooth transition toward SAP business solutions. The initiative has been around for over a decade. As part of the initiative, SAP and its partners like Marick Group provide comprehensive maintenance, application and migration support.

When it’s time for our federal customers migrate to SAP SuccessFactors Federal Cloud, Safe Passage will provide the roadmap that helps Marick Group guide customers through the transition. Our team works closely with SAP NS2 to make sure that the customer’s new cloud solution has the same or better components than what they had on premise. If there are any learning-only extensions specific to a customer, NS2 will work with their partners to integrate a solution into their new product. For example, the NS2 Secure CloudEdge Offering created a special offering for the federal market that has an option that isn’t required in the commercial space.

A product upgrade or system migration of any kind of technology can be daunting, but initiatives like SAP Safe Passage help ensure that customers experience uninterrupted business operations. And when you combine Safe Passage with the expertise and guidance of a team like Marick Group, your transition to the cloud will be nothing short of simple and seamless.

You can learn more about FedRAMP on our blog post or at the FedRAMP website. You can learn more about SAP NS2 here. Or contact Marick Group any time to learn more about Safe Passage for SAP SuccessFactors customers.