Team Spotlight: DoD FM Certification Program

Today we put the spotlight on a group of talented Maricks who work together to support our Washington Headquarters Services client, also known as WHS. Established in 1977, WHS is the outsourcing organization for the Department of Defense (DoD). They provide essential administrative functions to tens of thousands of DoD employees.

At WHS, Marick works directly with the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) – OUSD(C), Human Capital and Resource Management. Marick was brought on board a few years ago, when the Comptroller’s office was mandated by Congress to certify employees for a new Financial Management (FM) Certification Program.

According to the Comptroller’s office, various DoD Components had outstanding financial management (FM) training programs. However, the Department lacked an enterprise-wide framework to guide FM training and development. So in 2011, steps were taken to initiate the FM Certification Program.

The Assignment

Marick’s assignment was three-fold:

  • We developed the technical solution of implementing the FM Certification Program within a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) application. The key areas for training and certification included audit readiness, fiscal law, ethics and decision support. Marick’s solution captured the training that was completed and applied it towards certification. Marick utilized sub-curricula and requirement pools to capture the required training data. We also implemented an approval process for checks and balances throughout the certification lifecycle.
  • Marick also developed and conducted the FM certification training for all required employees – over 50,000 active users. Marick created job aids and interactive web-based trainings to assist users, supervisors and administrators on navigating the system.
  • We also provided technical support to end users, administrators and client resources – ranging from break-fix to how-to.
  • We provided support for using a learning history import tool to load learning events.

The Process

The FM project was no easy task. The Marick team and their WHS contacts employed some very creative solutions to accommodate the highly complex requirements of the FM Certification Program.  The solution supported multiple levels of certification.

Here’s how the FM program rolled out. From start to finish, it was a complex four-year project. The program has been live for the past 2 ½ years.

Phase 1: Policy Development

Client developed the rules and responsibilities of the employees.

Phase 2: Initial Technical Development and Pilot The Client developed policy and certification requirements, then piloted the initial technical solution.

Phase 3: Program Launch and Monitoring

Following the pilot, the project team made modifications based on client feedback, and updated various technical aspects of the project.

Phase 4: Sustainment/Maintenance

For the two years following the launch, program activities focused on maintaining data integrity and managing support inquiries. Today, Marick continues to support the FM program with on-site staff at WHS headquarters and the Pentagon.

The Team

Kudos to all the great Marick brains behind the DoD’s successful FM Certification Program:

  • Marc Starzyk, program manager
  • Justin Chlan, project manager
  • Talia Redman, instructional development
  • Bunty Chea, technical lead
  • Aniceto Charles, program support
  • Kelly Dechaine, program support

You can learn more about the DoD FM Certification Program here. And be sure to visit the Marick blog in the coming months as we highlight more of the great work we’re doing for our great clients.