Engineering Services

At Marick Group, going the extra mile for our clients extends beyond our exemplary implementation and support capabilities. Through our Engineering Services, we scope and build custom integrations for agencies who want to not only maximize their existing investment in HCM technologies, but also deliver a great experience for their users.

All engineering services work is highly flexible and customized to meet your needs. It can be delivered either remotely or onsite, depending on your required guidelines. Many Marick engineers hold secret clearances, giving clients with high-side federal agency requirements the advantage of a ready-made team that can get to work immediately.

Because Marick offers a comprehensive range of HCM solutions, from engineering services and implementation to training and managed support, our team can provide a higher level of efficiency, quality assurance, and continuous improvement than other courseware developers. We work together as one cohesive team – testing, fixing, and always improving programs and processes for our clients.

Extensive Selection of Services

Marick Group has earned a strong reputation for building and supporting custom integrations. Below are a few of the services we offer:

  • HCM and Learning Management Data and Technology Custom Integration
  • Advanced HCM and Learning Management Configurations for Advanced Learning
  • Business Process Reengineering and Robotic Process Automation
  • HCM and LMS Governance and Change Management
  • Custom Training Course Design, Development, Delivery (ILT, VILT, WBT, Adaptive Learning)
  • Custom Content and Job Aid Design and Development
  • System Administration
  • ADA, SCORM, REST-APIs, SF-182, Fed RAMP, and other EdTech Standards and Technology Guidelines

Connect with Marick Group today to learn more about our available engineering services.