Perspectives in EdTech

The proliferation of technology has meant an onslaught of exciting tools, systems, products and services for the HR and Education Industries.  However, it has produced a challenging dilemma for those charged with wielding this innovation.  Often, by the time one investment is made, more advanced technology is available to solve new challenges.  All the while, the question remains the same—How can I provide the best learning experience for my employees while maximizing my investment in existing systems as I deploy better capabilities over time?  If this sounds familiar, you are not alone.  HR and Education leaders at commercial companies and government agencies are riding the balancing act of this dual purpose and they are turning to Blackboard and the Marick Group for help.

Welcome to Perspectives in EdTech, a video series devoted to HR and Education Leaders seeking a confident approach to EdTech.  Our series is sponsored by Blackboard and Marick Group, two paragons of the EdTech industry.  For more information about these two amazing companies, go to their websites: and

In our first episode in this series, you will hear from 3 leaders at Blackboard and Marick Group as they share their perspectives from serving the FAA in their need to maximize their existing investment in EdTech while enhancing the experience for all learners.  We hope you enjoy this series.

Perspectives in EdTech Series 1, Episode 1

Perspectives in EdTech Series 1, Episode 2

Perspectives in EdTech Series 1, Episode 3