Partner Testimonials

Our Client relationships are a reflection on our Partners’ good names. We earn their trust through our thought leadership and exceptional implementations. We love our Partners the feeling is mutual. Here are a few of the kind words they are saying about us.

“The Marick group has been a premier software services provider for over 13 years, specializing in white glove service and client engagement that impacts the organizations they work with. The Marick Group has been engaged on high profile Cornerstone implementations, such as the United States Postal Service and the State of Alaska. The Cornerstone practice is led by April Behtash, a former Cornerstar whose number one goal is to support the sales reps and ensure client success. If the Marick Group is engaged, you can expect strong product knowledge, strategic tactics, and unparalleled follow-through. If you are looking for a partner who knows the product and internal workings of Cornerstone, look no further.”

“Marick is a newer partner to our SLED business but has quickly become a regular “go-to’.  They have built an angile and capable Cornerstone practice that can help qualify, grow, support, and deliver enterprise projects.  If you need help responding to a bid, Marick produces high quality work.  If you need help scoping a complex or urgent project, Marick responds rapidly.  If you want zero support issues post-sale, Marick is your partner.”   CSOD Sales Leadership

“Very educated on the product and was super impactful on keeping and upselling Leidos.  Looking forward to future business with them.”   CSOD Sales Leadership

“Marick is a silver partner in our reseller program and has been a trusted partner for many years.  They have significant depth in the learning and development industry. In addition to the great work they do with standard implementations, they also provide custom engineering of system integrations with Blackboard.  That really separates them from other partners in our ecosystem.  Marick has that level of operational excellence, a solid level of trust, being able to work fluidly with one another, without a lot of pomp and circumstance, is what makes them really shine as a partner.”  Blackboard Sales Leadership