Leadership Spotlight: Q&A with Meg Hart

Some people know her as Marick Meg. Or “Employee No. 5”. Or one-half of The Two Wine Women (more on that later). We just like to call her Meg Hart, VP of Communications at the Marick Group. We sat down (virtually speaking) with Meg recently and got to know her a little better. Read on!

How did your career path lead to the Marick Group?

I had experience as a business analyst/project manager in telecommunications consulting, and when that industry took a nosedive, I was hired to support the Plateau Learning Management System at the American Red Cross. That was in 2002, and it eventually brought me to Plateau Systems, where I partnered with Marick Group on an implementation. Several years later, when I was looking for a new opportunity, I contacted Marick and apparently they were desperate enough to take me on! I’ve been working here for more than four years (and was employee #5).

Describe a typical day in the life of Meg.

Because I work in the Mountain Time Zone, I’m at my desk by 7:00AM. I split my time between managing report development projects for one of Marick’s large commercial clients, and supporting the administration of the LMS at a Department of Defense (DOD) client.

The other half of my time is spent on business development, marketing & social media, and developing and maintaining relationships with our vendors. Like everyone at Marick, I am sometimes called upon to pitch in on special projects.

In what way do you think the talent and learning management industry has changed the most in recent years?

The two most significant changes I have observed are a shift to using mobile devices for learning activities, and social learning. I have also seen much more online learning versus instructor-led classroom training. Many of our customers, especially those on the government side, are very interested in learning more about how mobile, social and online learning can be used in their organization.

What makes Marick Group such a great partner for today’s industry?

Marick is – and always has been – THE most knowledgeable (yes, I’m biased) partner about supporting Federal learning. Our commitment to providing superior customer service sets us apart now, and in the future, as more and more organizations move to a SaaS hosting model. Marick is quite unique in the depth and longevity of our relationships with customers and vendors, some which span 15 years. And from an internal standpoint, we all love to work here, we look out for each other, and we have tons of fun.

Any new and exciting information about yourself that you’d like to share?

Well, my friend Beth and I have a YouTube channel and blog about having fun with wine. It’s called The Two Wine Women.

I’m a huge social media fan, and am currently taking classes to learn more about social media marketing. So I have lots of ideas that we hope to implement at Marick this year!