Leadership Spotlight: April Behtash

When Marick Group was looking for a skilled HCM ace to join their team, April Behtash answered the call. Get to know our Managing Director of Sales & Delivery and learn why she’s so passionate about the work she does.

Tell us about your career path to Marick.

With an undergrad degree in Economics, my career started at Charles Schwab. I did investment banking and portfolio management but eventually came to the realization that the financial industry may not be my true calling.

My extroverted nature and the enjoyment I got from engaging with people led me to a Human Resources position at the U.S. Department of the Interior. Unlike a typical Federal agency, my work spanned across both the public and private sector, which helped me land my next role with Cornerstone OnDemand, a leading HCM solution provider (and one of Marick’s partner products).

My work at Cornerstone covered consulting, product development, project management, and client success management. After a few years at Cornerstone, I connected with Marick Group, who was looking to expand their Cornerstone offering. I was hired as Managing Director of Sales & Delivery in March 2020 and it’s been an incredible ride so far.

Describe your typical workday.

No two days are the same, which I love. There are lots of phone calls and emails. Strategy development. Checking in on internal teams and customers. Overseeing the delivery of current projects and reviewing new opportunities.  It’s an exciting mix of work that spans across both the private sector and local, state, healthcare, and Federal agency accounts.

Regardless of the daily tasks, the focus is always on strengthening the relationships we have with our current and future customers, and software partners. When you do that, partnerships get stronger and business opportunities will grow. If you don’t have relationships, you don’t have much!

Beyond the day-to-day work, I’m also helping to shape the future of Marick. Our industry is always evolving and it’s our job to stay one step ahead and be thinking about what our future organization could look like.

What’s the biggest change the HCM space has seen in recent years?

The biggest change is SPEED. Humans today are very results-driven and want things to happen faster than ever before. They want to see the fruits of their labor quickly – if an action takes place today, they want results tomorrow. The need for immediate gratification is real, and that mindset transcends to the business world.

For example, back in the day most employees would have one annual review that would provide them with manager feedback and assess the value they’re bringing to the organization. Today, employees want to know they’re delivering value from day one. They want frequent engagement with managers, ongoing training and development, and an individualized path for their career growth. HCM platforms play a huge role in providing all that, and they’ve been forced to step up their game and evolve to meet those critical organizational needs.

Why is Marick such a great partner?

We are small but mighty, and we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty. Big HCM consulting firms can be challenging to work with. Their processes are very rigid – it’s a one-size-fits-all approach. At Marick, our approach is completely different and very flexible.

We develop customized solutions that meet the individual needs of each customer. We come in on the ground floor doing the hard work…the research…the exploration…the refining until we have the perfect-fit solution for a client. Is it a lot of work? Absolutely. But it’s a level of service and support that you just won’t get from other partners. That’s the Marick difference.

What excites you about the future of HCM?

The possibilities are endless for both the industry and for Marick – and that’s very exciting. I see a lot of movement towards AI (Artificial Intelligence). The way that our teams and our customers interact with software will evolve tremendously and continue to grow in sophistication.

Because Marick has developed such a strong name for itself in the HCM services industry, and because we are such a customer-focused organization, there are really no limits to what we can do as a valued partner in the services industry. So, stay tuned…

Any hidden talents outside of work?

I speak three languages (English, French, Persian) and love to cook. And I happen to have a mild obsession with 90s rap music (sound familiar, Rick Landsman?)