How to Improve Customer Experience with a Customer Training Platform

Every business strives to provide a great customer experience. It is how brand loyalty is built and return customers have been shown to “cost” less than finding new customers. However, achieving first-class customer service is no small feat. Excellent customer experience leads to better relationships, and positive word of mouth advertising. So, how can you improve CX through using the right customer training platform?

Using a Customer Training Platform to Improve Customer Experience

Loyal customers are the lifeblood of every single successful organization. It stands to reason then that it becomes essential to focus on how an organizations can enhance customer experience in order to retain existing customers. It is well known that the customer experience is the leading priority for businesses. The reason? Brands that focus on customer experience reduce churn, save money by not having to attract new customers, and are able to double their revenues. But how can your organization leverage a customer training program to enhance customer experience?

How to Improve CX using an LMS

Utilizing a Learning Management System (LMS) can be the lynchpin in your customer experience (CX) strategy. LMS technology is journey-centric and gives you organization the ability and power to influence feelings, emotions, and behaviors through eLearning. When using an LMS for customer experience, the following are some of the best practices to follow:

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Set Clear (and Measurable) Objectives

Prior to onboarding customers, you need to identify the business objectives intended to achieve with the LMS training. Create key metrics and CX KPIs to help point your employees in the right direction. These analytics also allow for you to design a training strategy that will identify, address, and solve customer pain points head on.

Monitor Customer Success

Tailor your LMS training programs to be all about the customer. The customer has chosen your product because their have a use for it. Your training should identify and address the needs to help customers overcome any potential obstacles. Gather customer feedback at every available opportunity, and hone in on what customers are saying about the buying process; then use that feedback to better address their concerns.

Optimize Onboarding

Onboarding a new customer is a critical moment for a business. How efficient and smooth the onboarding process is for a customer will likely determine their future decisions when it comes to buying future products/services from your organization. To optimize the onboarding process, you’ll want to create a detailed and experiential introduction to your brand. This will instill confidence and builds an instant rapport between customer and your business.

Utilize Journey Mapping

One of the best uses of an LMS for enhancing CX is to use journey mapping. Map out a customers’ process, perceptions, and needs as they engage with our brand to improve their experience. You’ll then want to cross-reference these journey maps with key metrics to better understand the customer experience strengths, weaknesses, risks, and opportunities.

Marick Group: Helping Businesses Improve Customer Success

At Marick Group, we help organizations implement the best learning management systems to help improve customer experience which ultimately leads to higher revenues. The best way to improve customer experience is to focus on customer success. Continually ask yourself how you can help them achieve their objectives by using your product/service. More importantly, how can your organization use consumer education resources to optimize CX and product functionality? Build lifelong customers by enhancing your customer experience. Contact Marick Group today to learn more on how and learning management system can foster a better customer experience.