How to enhance Programs in SAP SuccessFactors – Part 2 of 2

Last week we reviewed some of the similarities and differences between Programs and Curriculum.  If you missed that post you can access it here.

We ended with a list of business requirements that are not supported within a Program.

  • Ability to include a curriculum within a program
  • Ability to add electives within a program
  • Ability to use program completion for assigning additional training

While Programs do not directly support these business requirements, we have come up with creative solutions to meet these business requirements

Ability to Include a Curriculum

Curricula are not an available activity to add to a program agenda.  The workaround for adding a curriculum to a program is to use the Link activity within the program.  Create a direct link for the curriculum that should be added to the program, add the curriculum direct link in the URL field of the Link activity and you have added a curriculum to your program.

Ability to add Electives within a Program

Activities within a program are either classified as “required”, as in compliance training, or “not required”, as in an elective an employee wants to take for personal or professional growth.  Programs do not have functionality that allow for users to choose from a pool of items when completing a required item-based activity.  To provide users with a choice of items to meet a required item activity, an administrator can create a requirement pool with the selected items, and then create a curriculum that contains the requirement pool.  The administrator can then create a direct link for the curriculum and add the direct link to the Link activity in the Program.   This will provide users access to pool of items that can be completed to meet the activity requirement.

The Program will mark the activity complete when a user clicks the link to the curriculum with the requirement pool.  If you want to ensure users complete one of the items within the curriculum, you will need to create a new item that will serve as a substitute for the items in the requirement pool.  This item should be added to the program and should be configured as a required activity.  The items in the curriculum should be set up as substitutes for the new item.  When a user completes an item in the curriculum, the new item in the Program will be marked complete.  Creating a new item and setting up the substitute relationship to the items in the curriculum will eliminate the issue of a user not completing an item in the requirement pool.

Ability to use Program Completion for Assigning Additional Training

Anyone familiar with SAP SuccessFactors Learning knows that the Assignment Profile functionality is a powerful tool to use for selecting a user population and assigning entities to that user population.  You can use the Assignment profile to select users based on Item Completion but not on Program Completion.  The workaround to assign training based on a Program Completion is to use the Item Completion attribute in the Assignment Profile rules.  To do this, the final completed activity in the program must be an item to use an assignment profile to automatically assign additional training.  It can’t be another type of activity such as Text or Link.  It would be recommended that the Progress Restriction be enabled when settings up the Program.  This forces users to complete the program activities in order and ensures the item associated with the Assignment Profile is the last item the user completes.

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