How to Choose a Learning Management System

Implementing a Learning Management System can greatly impact your organization. Choosing an LMS that has the features you need, fits into your budget, and meshes will with the skills of you development team can pose a challenge. In this post, we’ll cover a few tips on how to choose the best Learning Management System for your organization.

Tips to Choosing the Best LMS

In many organizations throughout the country today, having a quality Learning Management System (LMS) is an essential tool. It allows them to create, deploy, and maintain e-learning and training programs in a centralized location, providing access for any member of the organization. In order to get the best benefits from a Learning Management System you need to choose the right LMS. Follow our tips below to learn how to choose a Learning Management System.

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Determine Your Organization's Goals, Needs, and Expectations

Before diving headfirst into the deep end of all the available Learning Management Systems on the market, you need to have a clearly defined sense of what you’re learning/training goals are, how to meet the needs of your design team and users, and have clear expectations on what to expect from the product. To get this point, consider conducting an in-depth needs analysis through organization surveys, focus groups, one-on-one interviews, and meet with key administrators. Closely examine the learning and training goals you hope to achieve through the implementation of an LMS. Better yet, you can partner with Marick Group, who provided managed support and implementation of e-learning programs through Learning Management Systems.

Identify a List of Key Features You'll Need

It can be overwhelming when you first start researching Learning Management Systems. Even more so when you’re bombarded with a wide range of features that each LMS touts. In fact, there are so many available features across all LMS’s that it can be hard to decide which features you will actually need and use. However, you cannot skip this step; determining a key list of features your organization needs in an LMS is one of the most important steps in the selection process. Come up with a short-list of desired solutions that will give you (or your Human Resources Manager) the power to create the most effective E-Learning course possible for your intended users. For example, if your users skew towards the on-the-go businessman, mobile functionality may be more appealing than if your users favor e-games and scenarios thus providing a more interactive strategy focused on gamification features.

Understand Your Audience

When deciding on which Learning Management System to go with for your organization, it is important to consider who will be using the LMS. If your intended audience will be “on the go” and accessing your LMS remotely, perhaps you should look into a system that has mobile functionality. Furthermore, understand the demographic of your audience; how tech-savvy are they when it comes to learning new systems? This is a key factor when choosing an LMS as it will determine the nature of your E-Learning activities and level of integration across platforms.

Focus on Current...and Future Needs of the LMS Product

A Learning Management System may be perfect for your learning and developmental needs today, but will it still be useful in the future? Ideally, you’ll want to choose an LMS that is going to offer features and functionality that will allow it to grow along with your company’s needs in the future. Some questions to consider when looking at an LMS are:

  • Is it easy to update and maintain over time?
  • Will you be able to integrate other tools and features into the platform?
  • Is there regular support available?

Before signing off on an LMS, be sure to utilize a live demo or trial offered by the LMS. During this time, you’ll be able to get a clear sense of how well the learning management system will be able to adapt to your current and future needs. Additionally during the trial, you’ll be able to get a handle on the scalability of the product and if it lines up with the anticipated growth of your organizations. A top of the line LMS will have the flexibility, customization, and usability that will help you achieve your desired eLearning outcomes.

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