Employee Spotlight: Mike McKinney

Who’s excited about the newest Marick employee? We are! What’s his name? Mr. Mike McKinney. What’s his title? Marick’s first Chief Technology Officer (CTO). What can he do? Just about anything that involves technology. We are super excited to have Mike on board and look forward to the great things he’ll be doing for our team and our clients.

You’ve Got Mail

Mike’s background is packed with technical experience – over two decades’ worth. He began his career at America Online (AOL) during the exciting dot-com era, working the help desk and quickly moving up the ranks to software engineer. And, despite all the rumors, Mike is not the voice of the famous “You’ve Got Mail!” phrase.

Mike moved on from AOL to take on principal consultant and CTO duties at other companies. He has delivered quality solutions in both the commercial and federal space for folks such as Boeing, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and the Intelligence Community.

Moving to the Cloud

Today, lots of organizations – from schools and business enterprises to government agencies and non-profits – are looking to move their talent management systems to the cloud. In fact, talent management is one of the fastest-growing market segments for cloud-based business solutions, and technical consulting is at the top of many client wishlists these days. Mike’s expertise and solid track record of success makes him the ideal candidate for helping move Marick clients to a cloud-based environment, and onto the next level of technical sophistication for their organization.

Sharing is Caring

Lucky for us, Mike’s work style is a collaborative one. He’s a big proponent of sharing knowledge and best practices with others in order to strengthen the skills of the team. Mike says he quickly observed how deeply dedicated the Marick team is to the customer mission – and how talented the Maricks are when it comes to their knowledge of the learning and talent management industry and the solutions they offer – from SuccessFactors and Blackboard to Desk.com and Adobe Connect.

With Mike’s contributions on the technology front, the Marick team is more well-rounded and capable than ever. Welcome, Mike!