Employee Spotlight: Leah Cohen


Leah Cohen, Business Analyst, could be called a Marick ‘OG’ – among the first group of employees to join the company to support their contract with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Read on to learn more about her role and why she thinks Marick continues to grow and perform at the top of their game year after year.

How did your career path lead to Marick?
I was working for a business management consulting firm in Virginia and helped manage their Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) account. After supporting FAA for 5 years, their contract was up for renewal and they transitioned work to the Marick Group. I followed the FAA contract over to Marick along with a few of my colleagues and have been supporting them for 12 years and counting.

On a side note, my first full-time job was working for the Airline Pilots Association. After so many years, it’s interesting to see my job circle back to the aviation world.

Talk about your role at Marick.
Like many of my fellow colleagues, I juggle many tasks in my role as Business Analyst. My main responsibility is to support the FAA’s learning management system, which is used in different capacities by 40,000+ employees on a daily basis.

I handle a lot of documentation work – gathering requirements for new projects and creating content and communications pieces for different groups, which could include anything from presentations and job aids to operating procedures. I also support project management and help desk activities when needed. And outside of my work for FAA, I’m pulled in to help with other Marick contracts when the need arises.

How has the HCM industry changed in recent years?
So much has changed in the HCM space in recent years. Marick partners with several government agencies to support their learning management systems, and we see more and more agencies wanting to upgrade their systems so they can take full advantage of the new technologies and capabilities that are out there.

A learning management system was traditionally viewed as merely a training and development tool for employees. Today, systems are extremely sophisticated and functional  and offer a wide range of modules that can help with business process improvement, talent performance, succession management, and more.

Agencies that use a partner like Marick have the distinct advantage of getting expert guidance and support for all stages of HCM implementation, including the latest add-on modules that can take their system capabilities to the next level.

What makes Marick such a great partner?
There are lots of things that make Marick Group a great partner for our clients. Our success, and the success we help foster for our clients, is made possible by our teamwork mentality.

Our team culture also makes Marick a great place to work. Colleagues can reach out to anyone…at any time…for any issue…and people respond. The guidance and support we give each other – and knowing that you can get in touch with someone at any time if you need  help – that’s gold. Not many other companies work the way we do.

It’s because we have such a strong team that we’re able to support our clients so well and keep them happy. Everyone gives 100%+ every day – and that’s why we’ve been able to scale and grow so rapidly as a company.

What excites you most about the future of HCM?
It’s really exciting to see the continued growth and development of the systems we use. New modules are constantly being designed and launched, and Marick always has their finger on the pulse of all the new and exciting features and capabilities that are being introduced to the market.

If a client comes to us with a new need, they can be confident knowing that our team will know the latest and best available resources to leverage to get them the best possible solution.

Any fun things we should know about you?
I live in Winchester, Virginia on the same street where the legendary country music star Patsy Cline was born. Her house is on the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks Register.