Employee Spotlight: Katie Dodge

Katie Dodge has worked in the learning and delivery space in some capacity her entire career. She is currently a Lead Business Consultant at Marick, working on our Cornerstone OnDemand solution along with a small but mighty team of technical and project management specialists. Get to know Katie and see what she believes is the secret ingredient to helping Marick clients succeed.

How did your career path lead to Marick?
Like many other HCM professionals, I kind of fell into the world through my first job out of college. I earned a degree in education but wanted to find work in recreation/event planning space. I landed my first job doing onsite support (catering, audio-visual setup and the like) for instructor-led training events. You could say I started at the bottom and worked my way up the ladder to where I am today.

Along my career path, I’ve picked up various certifications. I’m full-suite certified for the Cornerstone OnDemand product, which means I’m trained in all their modules – recruiting, onboarding, performance management, learning management, compensation, and succession. I also have a Systems Admin certification for the ServiceNow platform, which many companies use to manage digital workflows across their organizations. For the past 5 years I’ve worked exclusively with the Cornerstone product, 3 of those years here at Marick Group.

Talk about your role at Marick.
Lead Business Consultant for our Cornerstone clients, every day is different. My tasks will vary depending on the client. We have private sector clients as well as those in the federal/state/local agency space. No matter who I’m working with, it’s safe to say I’m on the phone ALOT!

Our team manages a growing portfolio. When leading HCM implementations for new clients, we’re gathering business requirements, assessing their reasons for wanting to move to the platform, and understanding how they want to work within the platform.

For existing clients, we’re always looking for ways to optimize their system – adding new product functionalities and evolving their system to make it work even better for them.

What makes Marick such a great partner?
Marick Group has the unique ability to truly flex with the client – you could say it’s our secret sauce. Of course there are certain project methodologies that we like to follow, but because of the size of our work environment – small but mighty – our teams are quite nimble. We can adjust and flex with ease. You can’t find that capability with the larger-size, high-volume HCM consultants out there.

Having the skills to adapt also helps us establish strong client relationships. Clients come to quickly realize that Marick can easily accommodate their needs, no matter what they might be. That fosters new ideas, new projects, and amazing long-term relationships.

What excites you most about the future of HCM?
HCM never sits still…it’s constantly evolving and changing for the better. As a consultant, you always need to stay ahead of the curve – looking at the trends, knowing what’s happening now, and what’s coming up next.

There has been a move towards a more virtual learning environment over the last few years, which was accelerated in part by the events of 2020. With the shift to more virtual learning, we’re also seeing training that’s delivered in smaller bites. For example, an employee might watch a series of short training videos, instead of being embedded in formal training for a full workday.

It’s also exciting to see the significant growth of skills-based training for employees. More than ever, companies want to help employees evolve their skills and achieve their career goals and aspirations. Training is now tailored more to the learner vs. the job role.

Any fun things we should know about you?
It’s well known that I have a deep love for the Cleveland Browns. I’m a season ticket holder and happened to be tailgating at a Browns home game when I got the call from Baltimore Ravens-loving Rick Landsman (Marick CEO) about my job offer with Marick!