Employee Spotlight: Justin Chlan

Today we’re shining the employee spotlight on Justin Chlan, Director of Technology & Training at Marick Group. Justin has been part of the Marick team for close to five years and believes he was lucky employee #6 to join the company. And we consider ourselves lucky to have him!

Growing up, Justin always had an interest in technology. So it was no surprise that his early work path led him to the computer networking arena. He always appreciated his college professors who not only had book smarts but also had real-life industry experience that they applied in the classroom. So for a few years, Justin worked as a business software instructor for a private post-secondary, higher-education institution in PA. He eventually moved on to take a role in software training for a software company, and his role soon grew to include project management and software implementation. Today, he’s able to blend the best of both worlds – technology and learning – into his work at Marick.

Over the years, Justin’s role at Marick has evolved from Business Analyst to Director of Technology & Training. He currently heads up the four-person team that supports our Washington Headquarters Services client (WHS), which is the outsourcing organization for the Department of Defense. You can read more about how Marick supports WHS here. Justin’s typical work day includes a little bit of anything and everything – from helping the team resolve client technology or training issues to spending time with the client to focus on their current business challenges.

Like a lot of his colleagues, Justin believes the mobility of learning is by far the biggest change that the talent and learning management industry has seen in recent years. As mobile, “anytime, anywhere” learning becomes a priority in many organizations, the technology is changing accordingly. Despite all the changes, Justin is very pleased to see that most organizations still find value in employee learning and development.

So what is it about Marick Group that makes them the A-Team? From a personnel standpoint, Justin says it’s the hardworking, industrious nature of each employee within their organization. Everyone always goes the extra mile to make their clients happy and feel that they’re getting value out of their partnership with Marick. From a skills standpoint, Justin says Marick is truly one of the forerunners and on the leading edge when it comes to integrating learning systems with other technology products. Their vast industry knowledge and resourcefulness always helps them find a way for their clients to succeed.

Outside of the office, Justin was recently the ultimate road tripper and craft beer drinker (not doing those two things simultaneously, of course). He made a two-week solo trek from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Denver, Colorado. Venturing west, he made stops in Grand Rapids, Michigan; Davenport, Iowa; and Omaha, Nebraska. Heading back east, Justin visited Kansas City, Missouri (where the world’s best BBQ lives); Louisville, Kentucky; and Columbus, Ohio. Justin chronicled his adventures in his Riding with the Chlan blog – we recommend checking it out.