Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Waldman

It’s time once again for another Marick Employee Spotlight! Today we meet Jennifer Waldman, Business Analyst.

Jennifer joined the Marick Group in 2014 after working for 5+ years in eLearning systems, first as an intern with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and then as a contractor. Through her internship experience, she connected with folks who eventually made their way to Marick, and she welcomed the chance to join the team when the opportunity presented itself.

A Day in the Life

As a Business Analyst, Jennifer supports day-to-day system administration duties for the FAA, one of Marick’s federal government agency clients. Several thousand FAA employees, trainees and certified instructors around the country use the Blackboard Learning Management System for aircraft safety training and leadership training. Marick is a certified reseller and partner of the Blackboard Learn platform, and Jennifer is on the front lines managing help desk tickets and troubleshooting any technical issues that arise for instructors using the Blackboard LMS.

FAA’s Blackboard LMS is unique in that it’s integrated with other FAA systems and must pass data and ‘play nice’ with those systems. Jennifer helps make that happen, coordinating various integration projects for the FAA – which is one of the first federal agencies to have Blackboard LMS integration with other systems.

The New Face of Learning

In recent years, the biggest change that Jennifer has seen in the talent and learning management world is the big shift to online learning for many companies and government agencies. The FAA is no exception to this trend. In fact, a lot of FAA training occurs in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – site of the FAA Academy. The Academy provides technical and managerial training and development to the FAA workforce and other non-FAA personnel in the aviation community. Today, more and more of this training is happening in the online realm. Training which previously required trainees to be onsite in Oklahoma City for several weeks can now be taken online, significantly reducing the amount of time spent on travel and away from the office.

Jennifer also notes the big benefits of online learning, like greater collaboration and higher-level thinking. This is because many of today’s LMS solutions allow for lots of interaction and engagement between instructors and learners – thanks to integrated tools like Adobe Connect and group discussion forums and other communication and messaging features.

Why Marick?

As a certified Blackboard reseller, Jennifer thinks Marick is the ideal partner for any commercial, educational or government organization that is looking to take their online learning capabilities to the next level. For some, that might mean starting at the ground floor and introducing Blackboard as a new learning management resource for the first time. For others, that might mean supplementing their current learning management solutions with enhanced capabilities from Blackboard, which is one of the best when it comes to a broad range of teaching, learning, community and content management features. Either way, the Marick team has the expertise to create a better LMS that utilizes the technologies that are at the forefront of online learning.

Been Around the World

When she’s not working hard at Marick, you’ll likely find Jennifer in some distant corner of the world. This month, she embarks on a three-week trip to Vietnam, which will take her to 14 different destinations in the country. Her other world excursions include Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary. She’s also traveled to China and Korea. We can’t wait to hear where her next adventure will take her.