Employee Spotlight: Gail Watson

When Marick Group was looking for a Blackboard pro to join their team, Gail Watson answered the call. She has been a Blackboard Administrator and Consultant at Marick since 2016 and supports one of their largest government clients, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Blackboard Brainiac

For those not familiar with Blackboard, it’s an industry-leading educational technology platform. Business, government, K-12 schools and higher education institutions around the globe use Blackboard’s online solutions for teaching, learning, community building, content management and outcomes assessment. Marick Group is a certified reseller of the Blackboard Learn™ platform.

Gail’s first exposure to Blackboard took place when she worked as an Institutional Research Analyst, preparing custom reports for Marine Corps University Distance Education and Training programs. Her responsibilities grew and she became a Blackboard system administrator. Today, Gail puts her Blackboard expertise to work for the FAA.

FAA + Marick + Blackboard

Thousands of FAA employees, contractors and external partners rely on Blackboard for aircraft safety training, leadership training and lots more. Along with fellow Maricks, Gail is on the front lines, supporting day-to-day system administration for FAA’s Blackboard platform. FAA is one federal agency that has Blackboard integrated with other in-house technology systems – which can make things even more exciting and challenging on any given day.

In addition to co-managing tier two help desk tickets and troubleshooting day-to-day technical issues that arise for instructors and trainees, Gail and fellow Marick team members put their consulting caps on to also handle more complex inquiries that come into the desk. These inquiries often require additional research and conversations between Marick and FAA course owners in order to gather the full details and project histories needed to solve the issue.

Last but not least, Gail conducts daily monitoring to ensure that FAA’s system integrations with Blackboard, and the hundreds of course completions that are occurring daily, are taking place without service interruptions.

Ready for What’s Next

The problem-solving mentality of the Marick team, and their willingness to work together to share their extensive knowledge with each other and their clients, are just a few reasons why Gail is confident in Marick’s ability to successfully service clients now and well into the future.  Clients like the FAA, and other government agencies, rely on the Marick Group to support some of the most critical functions of their learning management systems, and Marick’s mission is always to go above and beyond in the level of service they provide.

Gail also shares that Blackboard continues to add more bells and whistles to their platform solutions, giving instructors more creative ways to deliver curriculum and provide an engaging learning experience to trainees. In addition, Blackboard continues to stay on the cusp of new technologies for critical security and data management features.

Trivia Time

In case you ever engage yourself in some Marick employee trivia, here’s what you need to know about Gail. She was an Army civilian for 17 years; she’s lived in nine U.S. states as well as in Turkey and Korea. She was also a teacher and technologist in the public school system for 10 years.