Employee Spotlight: Dan St. Cyr

How did your career path lead to Marick Group?

After graduating from James Madison University and studying Sports Management and Business, my path led me to the sports world. I interned with the Washington Freedom, an American soccer team that was part of the now-defunct Women’s Professional Soccer league.

After limited success finding employment in the ultra-competitive world of sports management, the business side of my brain kicked in and led me to a business analyst position with a consulting company. Here, I handled various duties in support of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Learning Management System (LMS).

My work with the FAA introduced me to the Marick Group, who was also a consultant for FAA at the time. Once I got to know several Marick employees and saw how they worked, I enthusiastically joined their team when the opportunity came long. I’ve been with Marick now for 4 years.

What do you do at Marick?

I continue to work with the FAA and their LMS in my role at Marick, supporting their Tier 1 help desk and fixing any technical issues experienced by their 55,000+ employees and contractors. I also support the Tier 2 help desk for Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) in the U.S. Department of Defense.

When I’m not working in the help desks, I assist with the assignments and close outs of mandatory training and work on a number of other projects for either client.

How has our industry changed in recent years?

From a help desk perspective, the day-to-day training issues that an FAA or WHS employee might experience have generally stayed the same. The biggest change in recent years is that the LMS systems we support have migrated to operate in the cloud environment. Marick is the expert when it comes to cloud migration, particularly in the Federal space. In recent years, we migrated LMS technologies for both WHS and FAA to the cloud and we continue to successfully migrate applications for clients, or implement custom integration solutions, which are often needed for proprietary customer systems.

What makes Marick such a great partner?

Our team approach to serving our clients makes us a great partner. We have many different strengths and skill sets throughout our ranks – and we utilize those talents in way that allows us to go above and beyond for every client we work with.

We also make a great partner because we’re focused on improving ourselves and expanding our team in the best way possible. It’s not about bringing more people on board because we have new clients and new business. It’s about growing our team steadily and strategically with people who bring unique knowledge and expertise to the table where it’s needed most.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I have a strong love for sports in support of all of Washington’s professional teams. I was very excited to see the Capitals deliver the Stanley Cup to D.C., now hoping for the others to follow their lead!