Benefits of using a customer training platform to enhance customer experience

Learning management systems are one of the greatest tools an organization can utilize to improve its operations. LMSs can be used to train employees, implement new policies, and help enhance customer experience and success. By enhancing the customer experience, companies are able to create brand-loyal consumers that drive repeat business. In this post, we’ll examine some of the benefits of using a customer training platform to enhance customer experience.

Benefits of Using a Customer Training Platform to Enhance Customer Experience

Enterprise Learning Management Systems, such as Cornerstone OnDemand & Blackboard, help companies effortless implement training programs that are engaging, accessible, adn scalable. Adding or updating online training materials is quick and convenient thanks to built-in functionalities and customization options. On top of this, organizations control who has access to the information and are able to track user performance.

As such, learning management systems pave the way for a smooth customer onboarding experience. This is because of the 24 hours access to education based marketing tools. When done correctly, a balance struck between value-added training content and product promotion. All of these factors enhance customer satisfaction, which is a leading key performance indicator when measuring customer experience scores.

LMS Customer Training Programs

Experts, such as Marick Group, have found that progressive training increases customer satisfaction during their purchase. Learning management systems make it easy to achieve this through the boosting of engagement levels throughout the online training process. You can continually expand your support library to keep up and meet your customers’ needs and expectations.

Ultimately, what this means is that LMS customer training programs can be customized for every step along the path of the buyer’s journey. LMSs also empower sales teams to completely own the post-sale process, since they are now equipped with greater customer insights. For example, they can follow up with customers who might be interested in additional services or upgrades (leading to upselling opportunities). Likewise, the marketing team can use LMS insights to power retention and re-targeting campaigns, creating brand-loyal consumers. This is all possible because learning management systems provide analytics that provide valuable insight about customer behavior, habits, and obstacles which can then be addressed through employee training modules.

Connecting CX, User Behavior, and Educational Content

More often than not, users are qualified buyers who’ve already shown an interest in your product or service. It is possible to link customer experience to user behavior if customer education is the fundamental framework. The roles of customer, consumer, and the user now, more than ever, over lap with one another.

However, each role has a distinct touchpoint regarding brand interaction, products, and services. The expectation-confirmation model is a paradigm that best explains how customer satisfaction and user behavior are linked and how the right information can influence both. Consumer behavior, when buying a product, is mainly influenced by their expectations about its usefulness. Providing customers comprehensive info about the product or service can sway their decision-making process in your favor.

Said a different way, brands should focus on two critical goals to maximize success: make the product/service useful and then give customers the skills/knowledge on how to maximize the usability of said product/service. User behavior, customer satisfaction, and opportunities for repeat business depend entirely on how well an organization packages product knowledge training.

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